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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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holiday shopping. the message they want you to hear the ray rice scandal revealing details about how the league handled his suspension. there have been major developments in ferguson, missouri tonight. officer darren wilson has resigned. wilson has been on administrative leave since michael brown's shooting in august. here is part of his resignation letter. it reads in part -- some you an applauded the grand jury ruling that cleared wilson saying it was the right decision.
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but it sparked demonstrations across the country that won't die down. in our area, their message, we won't stand for it. they claim there was no justice in michael brown's case. they are making voices heard by shutting down streets, blocking traffic and stopping shoppers in their tracks. >> reporter: we are indeed here on the u street corner. it's your typical saturday night crowd. a few hours earlier anything but typical. there were protests all over the area, all about ferguson. actions in chinatown, georgetown. a local reaction to events in missouri. catalyst for this cause. it's no accident these protests
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were held where they were at the start of the holiday season. >> you have got to raise raerness on theeople who spend their money. >> they did that. they raised the ire of motorists who found themselves in the middle. protesters say it goes beyond recent events. >> i hope we continue this movement. this isn't just about one kind of action. this is for justice. >> as we have heard, the resignation of darren wilson, it has ended his police career at least with ferguson. this is about broader issues out in ferguson demonstrators set out on a so-called match for justice.
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they are going all the way to the governor's mansion in jefferson city, missouri. it's in the violent. they will set up events to encourage people to turn anger into action. they want reform in other departments across the country. new at 11:00 we are learning that student was murdered. police say her boyfriend strangled her. she graduated from winston churchill high school in potomac. her 32-year-old boyfriend has been charged with killing her. the boyfriend admitted he choked jones during an argument one day after the nfl reinstated ray rice we learn
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more details. >> reporter: his attorney is speaking out against commissioner roger good del. his wife janay sat down with matt lauer. >> was ray ambiguous? >> not in any way. it's consistent with everything he has been saying since member. >> when the commissioner roger goodell says ray was ambiguous and the nfl says it was a different sequence of events, is the commissioner lying? >> i can't say he is telling the truth. i know for a fact that ray told the honest truth that he has been telling from february. >> you think the league and the
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commissioner covered their butts? >> i think they did what they had to do for themselves. >> nfl has a grievance filed against the organization in troords back pay. >> there is a developing story out of montgomery county. people were how the in a house fire in gathersberg. we are told right now that one dog is missing. the red cross is helping a dozen people forced out of their homes the state's attorney for carroll county is dead. it looks as though he has shot and killed himself. he was due to leave office having lost in the last election. he has been carroll county's
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state's attorney for the past decade. he ran for re-election this year but lost in the republican primary they are getting new details about a three-car collision outside montgomery mall. an 88-year-old woman has died as a result of that crash. a toyota camry had just exited the ramp when a ford pickup opened by the county smashed into it. a mercedes hit the truck a maryland doctor died after risking his life after helping people in his own country. dr. martin salia contracted ebola and died. he chose to work with ebola patients in west africa.
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he leaves behind a wife and two children. a car plummets 25 feet but the driver survives the fall. one man's wild ride and how witnesses jumped into action thrust a virginia woman takes her fight to the supreme court in the midst of angry protests, an effort is underway to bring peace to ferguson comfortable tomorrow, but next week it's going to be 30 to 35 degrees
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a man in texas is lucky to
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be alive after his car plummeted 20 feet into a construction pit. police think he may have been drunking. he ran several red lights, side swiped a car, crashed into a fence and plunged into a pit. people around climbed in to pull him out. he did wake up and is expected to survive. a virginia woman took issue with how ups treats pregnant workers. her case is headed to the u.s. supreme court. peggy young sued the company seven years ago. she says when she was pregnant her doctor ordered her to refuse to handle heavy packages. >> there has been a lot of
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coverage of the violence in mergz. employees don't even recognize the woman. volunteers painted christmas scenes on the boarded-up windows black friday done. black friday done. today was a
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small businesses had big deals for shoppers. mom and pop stores participated
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in small business saturday. 24er encouraging crowds to ditch the big box stores and shop locally. for small business owners one busy weekend makes all the difference. >> it is so important to keep small businesses in business. >> last year shoppers spent nearly $6 billion on small business saturday. one popular toy is getting iced out. barbie has been replaced as the top toy for girls. anyone with a daughter can tell you what took her place. elsa, anna and the characters from "frozen." 20% of parents plan to buy "frozen" toys for their daughters. it is the most successful
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animated films of all time. >> another part of that 20%, showing me the "frozen" christmas tree >> it's a "frozen" world. not so frozen tomorrow. >> we are going to be living in the frozen world on tuesday. nice and comfortable tomorrow and monday. it's going to feel 30 to 40 degrees colder. that's the most dramatic weather headline. if you are traveling tomorrow, hope you enjoyed your stay. quiet travel weather. good news there. next chance of rain in the area is monday night. on tuesday there is a chance of a wintry mix. a tricky system we will be keeping a close eye on. not only that, it is cold.
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it's breezy so we will have wind chill temps in the 20ed. travel weather, tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. no impact from major systems. just rain from ohio and indiana. northern california dealing with a bit of rain and potentially snow mix. there could be a problem if you are traveling to northern california and isolated issues if you are traveling to wyoming. most of the country looking good for travel tomorrow. satellite and radar, cloudy skies. they will break up overnight. 47 in washington. chilly but not cold outside. tomorrow morning the cold will be in the air, waking up to 30s.
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this forecasts what the sky cover will look like. not tracking any rain. dry tomorrow. partly sunny skies. as we work our way into the midday and afternoon hours, we are noticing sunshine. nice and warm tomorrow. 60 is our high temperature tomorrow in washington. hanging the holiday lights, getting the tree, weather nearly perfect. you will be just fine with a sweatshirt if you are outside and active. maybe not the best ski conditions, but for this early in the season we will take it. 63 on monday. on tuesday a chance of rain and a wintry mix, including snow and a little bit of freezing rain. a high temperature on thursday of only 38 degrees with the
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windchill factor it will feel like teens and 20s. on tuesday our computer models are all over the place. i will have now information tomorrow morning pop a high on wednesday of 52 enjoy the next couple of days.
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i think two things that we all sort of learned tonight. anthony davis is a beast. >> one of the best big guys in the nba right now. >> we are very, very happy they resigned. >> randy wittman has a complete team on his hands. so far this season he has missed three games, all losses for the wizards. looking to snap a two-game losing streak taking on the pelicans tonight. wizards with a four point lead. anthony davis had 30 points and 10 rebounds for new orleans.
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24 points, 13 rebounds. wizards are up by six. pretty move by their point guard. aund minute left in the ball game. he is going to miss the jump shot, but bradley beal with the follow-up. the wizards fade out the pelicans, 83-80. tony bennett and eighth ranked virginia taking on rutgers. greg lewis gets the bucket and one. rutgers up by one at halftime. in the second half the cats start to show muscle. anthony gill down low. later in the half the wahoos come up with the steal here. justin anderson. he is going to finish with the flush. virginia goes on to beat
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rutgers, 45-26. taking on up defeated seat onhall. isaiah white head with the three ball here. seaten hall is on top. sterling gibbs trying to run out the clock. gw gets the ball. five seconds later, seat onhall misses a free-throw. that is the game. seton hall beats the colonials 58-54 let's move on to college football. senior day for maryland. brown playing his final game for the terps.
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he led the terps to seven bowl games in ten seasons as head coach. up 2 1-10 after a rutgers turnover. ross, 40 run yard here. maryland is up 28-10. terps on the move again. brown throwing this to long for the score. maryland up 35-10, but rutgers isn't ready to go home just yet. they have it down to a touchdown. nova to patton for the score. the scarlet knights battle back to a tie. on for the go-ahead field goal, it is good right down the pipes from 25 yards out. rutgers takes their first lead
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of the game. ross stopped short by the rutgers defense. rutgers with their biggest comeback in school history beat maryland 41-28. >> it's not going to take away from the other things that this group of guys accomplished this year. we accomplished some things nobody thought we could accomplish. we get an opportunity to may another one, it's disappointing because of how this game started to where it ended. >> on the ice, the capitals visiting the maple leafs. justin peters was replaced in net. the leafs attacking. toronto is up 3-0. later in the period the cats on
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the power play. troy brouwer puts home the one timer. caps finally get on the scoreboard. before they can announce the name of the goal, the leafs pushing the puck up the ice. clarkson puts that in the back. they beat the caps 6-2. >> caps looking good? >> not so much tonight. >> better than last
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[ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to "the kelly file." later in the program, undeniable proof that the historical figure blackula was in fact white. but first, it was a long week for new jersey governor chris christie. first he placed nurse kaci hickox into quarantine even


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